Henk Schiffmacher

Over the last few months, Henk Schiffmacher allowed me to photograph in and around the shop at the Ceintuurbaan. Although I'm not quite done yet and hope to go back after the summer, this picture is one of my favorites so far.

I had been wanting to take a picture of Mr. Schiffmachers tattooed hands for a while now. This one day, he was quite busy with one of his designs, so when he said he had a minute for me, I quickly kneeled down on the floor in front of him, ready to take my shot as fast as I could.

One of the tattoo-artists interrupted my 'serious moment' remarking on the 'compromising position' I was in on my knees on the floor. I heard Mr. Schiffmacher bursting out in laughter, quickly pulled my camera upwards and was lucky enough to take this shot.

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